Tips for Hosting a Housewarming

Congratulations on the big move! We all know that moving house, whether that be into a rental or a property you recently bought, can be stressful. But at the end of the day, it’s important to celebrate your new home and the memories you’ll make – that’s why a housewarming is a must-have. We’ve broken down some of our favourite tips to help you be the ultimate housewarming host. 

Take a Tour

What some people forget when hosting a housewarming, is that the focus shouldn’t be on you but on the house. Give your guests a group tour once they all arrive, starting from the moment you walk in the door to the backyard. But if you’re living with others, remember to respect their privacy by not entering their rooms unless they’ve agreed. 

Food and Drinks

Plan your food around the home’s aesthetic. What style is your home – Californian bungalow, Victorian era, Spanish revival? Organise the food following your home’s architectural style. This will be the stand-out touch at any housewarming. 

Accept Gifts Politely

Perhaps a guest bought you an overly large pot plant from Bunnings, but you have limited space on the balcony or another casserole dish to add to the collection… Be polite and grateful by accepting the gift. Try it in your home for awhile and if it still doesn’t work, consider donating it to charity or kindy speaking with the gift-giver about how it just wasn’t working – most likely they’ll understand.

Don’t Make a Mess

If you’re renting, be considerate and don’t make a mess of your home. It’s one thing to have a great night but when hosting a party at a rental property, no matter how big or small, you need to always be mindful of the landlord and the rules outlined in your contract. Is there a certain time when quiet hours kick in?

Invite Your Neighbours

If you are friendly with your neighbours, why not invite them over? No harm in getting to know the other people living in your building or neighbourhood. Community connection is important and can help in the future – if say, you’re not home for a delivery in the future, your neighbours could assist, or if you have left the gas turned on, your neighbours could be the ones to go and check for you. 

Keep it Simple

A housewarming shouldn’t be over the top – the last thing on your mind after a big move is organising a big event. Aim for a Sunday afternoon (2-5pm) where the hours are flexible, some guests may stop by for a few hours while others may stay the entire time. Keeping the party flexible allows guests to come and go as they wish and also means less stress on you having to socialise beyond your capacity. 

And don’t think the entire house needs a makeover before the event. You’re sure to have belongings still boxed up so opt for a specific area of the house, say kitchen or living room, where the food, drinks and mingling can take place.

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