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Located in Melbourne? Want to know how much your property would sell for? Melcorp Real Estate Sales Consultants are experts at conducting sales appraisals. Our years of experience, combined with an in-depth understanding of the market, allow us to help you understand the selling process in detail and how you can achieve the highest possible sale price. Request a free sales appraisal today!

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Located in Melbourne? Want to know how much your property would sell for? Melcorp Real Estate Sales Consultants are experts at conducting sales appraisals. Our years of experience, combined with an in-depth understanding of the market, allow us to help you understand the selling process in detail and how you can achieve the highest possible sale price. Request a free sales appraisal today!

What to expect on the day of your free property appraisal

Your dedicated Melcorp agent will attend your sales appraisal armed with a wealth of information. You will receive a detailed market report that considers your property specifically. Your agent will discuss the content of this report with you. This will include:

Your property’s location

Where your property is located can help us determine buyer appeal. Your Melcorp agent will consider your property’s proximity to nearby amenities and attractions to help determine the size of its potential buying pool.

Market trends

It is important to understand the external market trends that can affect your property’s sale. These can include current buying demand and economic influences like interest rates.

Property condition

Maintaining your property in the best possible condition is important for buyers to see. Melcorp has access to industry partners that can assist with property package hire, professional styling or large scale interior design.

OUR Difference

Melcorp Real Estate provides a personal, first class service when conducting a property appraisal. We are focussed on realising the best result for your home, and ensuring your selling journey is as seamless as possible.

You can rely on Melcorp Real Estate. Our trusted team of property experts are the best in Melbourne. We’ll show you why.

Thousands of people will see your property

Melcorp Real Estate maintains regular contact with our database of over 10,000 people and are in contact with over 150,000 people each month digitally or via direct mail. Our focus on inner Melbourne apartments ensures that these contacts are highly targeted, making finding the right buyer for your property a quick process.

We speak your buyer’s language

Our multi-cultural team reflects our city’s diverse and vibrant population and the continuing international appeal of Melbourne. Our agents can communicate with people from across the world to ensure that language is no barrier to getting the best possible result.

We have buyers ready to pay for quality

Melcorp is Melbourne’s premier agent for quality city apartments. Buyers who contact us are usually seeking out properties which are well designed, highly liveable and in good locations, and they are prepared to pay for it.

We’ve got the knowledge

Melcorp Real Estate has been around for nearly two decades. Over this time, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the inner Melbourne and CBD market, making us leaders in the region. Our agents have decades of combined expertise to offer clients.

GOT Questions?

As a home seller, there are many things that require your consideration. Our expert agents will answer each question you have in detail, at your property appraisal. Until then, view our most frequently asked questions by prospective vendors.

Can I sell my property while it is currently leased?

The short answer is yes, you can sell your property even if it has existing tenants. A property owner has the right to sell your property and end a periodic lease agreement with your tenant (month to month or week to week). If you are within a fixed term lease agreement, you will need to sell your property as tenanted. While this might attract investor-buyers, you might alienate a significant portion of buyers who wish to occupy their home.

How long will it take to sell my house?

The time it takes to sell your property will depend on a number of factors, and a Melcorp Real Estate Agent will guide you through these by discussing the below: 

  • The average number of days homes spend on the market in your area. This can be highly telling and provide an accurate insight into how your home will fare. 
  • Are you in a sellers or buyers market? Our agents will give you access to valuable reporting and access to market information. Determining whether you are selling in a buyers or sellers market will consider factors like the number of similar homes also for sale in your area, the size of the potential buying pool, interest rates and unemployment rates. Each of these market factors can affect how quickly your property will sell and at what price.
  • Choosing an auction or listing the property for sale. An auction is often considered the best method of sale during a sellers market. This is because an auction can very quickly drive up the price of your property. A Melcorp Real Estate agent will be able to discuss this choice with you thoroughly, and offer advice on the best method of sale for your individual property. 

Why do I need to be out of the house for inspections?

Being out of the house for inspections is standard practice in real estate. This is because it allows buyers to feel truly comfortable when viewing the property and therefore creating a space where they might be able the visualise the home as their own. Buyers can dream about what it might be like to live there, raise a family there, entertain or renovate. This process allows buyers to become emotionally invested in the property – an aspect not to be underestimated in the property sale process.

How do I prepare my home to sell?

There are a number of options at different price points to prepare your home for sale. These can include the following:

Professional photography: Professional photography is a must when selling. The first time a potential buyer will see your property is in the photos online, it is important to catch their attention to attract them to view the property. 

Virtual furniture: Virtual furniture can be added to the photos of an empty or partially furnished home, helping the buyer to visualise how the space would look when furnished.

Property styling: Melcorp Real Estate have partnerships with high-end interior designers that can lease out and style furniture in your home during the sale campaign for your property. Getting your home professionally styled with a furniture package can be very beneficial to the sale outcome of your property. 

What is the agent’s role at an Open for Inspection?

An agent’s role at an open for inspection is to engage with and provide information to potential buyers. A Melcorp Real Estate agent will be present at all of your inspection appointments. They will collect contact information from the potential buyers and gain an understanding of what their expectations are in a home. Agents will also ensure to follow up with all potential buyers following inspections and will provide a report to the vendor regarding which parties might be interested. 

What is the role of a real estate agent when selling a property?

The role of an agent when selling your property is simple – to act as your representative and in your best interests throughout the entire sale of your home process. 

Using a real estate agent with solid experience about your property’s area and likely buyers is key to obtaining a desirable sale as soon as possible. Melcorp Real Estate are experts when it comes to matching appropriate buyers to the right property and serve to obtain the best price for your home. 

A Melcorp Real Estate agent will proceed to inform you of current market trends and give you professional and realistic advice about a sale price you can expect for your home. They will then arrange high-level marketing, which will cover print and digital mediums, list your home on all relevant online platforms and offer advice on staging and styling your home for inspections. Following this, you will then be advised whether to advertise your property for sale (with a price) or to put it up for auction or expressions of interest. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these options will be discussed with you. Following the sale of your property, your agent will be in communication with you up until settlement occurs.

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Melcorp made the entire selling process very easy. They went above and beyond in communicating with us. We would rate our overall experience 10/10.
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