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Are you locked out?

Within business hours:

Contact 03 9663 1117


Outside of business hours:

Contact 03 9495 1122 or


Please note: Regardless of whether a lock fault or malfunction is identified, you are still required to make payment upon the locksmith’s completion of work. Following this, please send the locksmith’s report and invoice to your Property Manager. If a lock fault was identified, you will likely be eligible for a reimbursement payment.

Request a repair

To Request a repair:

Please email your Property Manager directly or report your maintenance to

Please include the following details in your request:

  • Property Address
  • Name and best contact details
  • Description of the issue – please provide as much detail as possible
  • Photos and/or video – to assist with location of issue and identification of parts etc


If you do not provide all these details, there may be a delay in processing your request.

Urgent Maintenance Only Outside Business Hours

Emergency contacts:


CSA Electrics 0439 696 041


Pinnacle Plumbing Group 0419 019 993


Wynns Locksmiths 9495 1122

Flood Emergency

Flood Response 1300 819 396


    Pay your rent with Direct Debit


    Pay your rent via direct debit with Rental Rewards. If you have an existing account with Rental Rewards, log in and set up direct debit payments here.

    If you are a new renter with Melcorp, set up your Rental Rewards account here. Simply enter your mobile number (this is your Renter ID/Reference) and follow the emailed instructions.


    Please note: When setting up direct debit payments, you will need to ensure:


    • You set it up to deduct payment a few days before your rent due date each month, to allow funds to clear by your due date
    • Surcharges to use Rental Rewards apply ($1 fee per transaction value for bank account transaction; or up to 2.8% surcharge when paying via credit card
    • Other fees may apply, including for failed payments
    • To see the list of full terms and conditions, visit the website.


    Pay your rent via BPAY


    BPAY allows you to pay your rent through your banking provider. BPAY allows you to make once off, manual payments. To do this, you will need Melcorp’s Biller Code and your unique Reference number. If you cannot locate your unique BPAY reference number with Melcorp, please contact your Property Manager.


    Make a once-off payment


    If you have an existing Rental Rewards account, you can make a one-time payment here or via BPAY with your unique Reference number and our Biller Code. Contact your property manager if you are unsure of these details.

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