Simple and Cost-Effective Ways to Add Value Back to Your Home

While you can’t control everything about your property’s market value – such as location, population growth, a fluctuating market – there are some things that you can control. Whether you want to future proof your home or are in the midst of selling, there are a number of simple and cost effective ways that you can do to increase the value of your property or make your home more appealing to buyers. Here’s how!




First impressions are important, so don’t forget to spend time on your home’s front entrance. Here are some ideas to get you started: re-paint the front door in a bold colour, ensure the letterbox is looking clean and free of cobwebs, fix any fence panels that have come loose, or simply update the furniture in the front hallways and foyer. 




If your existing light switches are looking a little yellow and outdated, it might be time to replace them with some new ones. Save money by purchasing the new replacements at a hardware store. To install, call an electrician. You’ll mostly be paying for labour, but luckily replacing light switches isn’t too costly. 




When a buyer is interested in a home, the kitchen and bathroom are often the make it or break it. Unfortunately, these rooms are the most expensive to renovate; however, there are some small jobs you can do to give these rooms a face-lift without overspending. 

  • Re-paint or fix any damaged cabinets or shelving 
  • Modernise the existing cabinetry handles and tapware
  • Get rid of your old appliances and opt for well-known branded appliances to give your kitchen a quick and simple update 




A fresh coat of paint is the most cost effective and easiest way to quickly refresh your home. If you are able, paint the walls yourself, but leave the ceilings to the professionals – nobody wants a sore neck. The clean look of fresh, neutral paint can increase your property value and make sure your house is more appealing to buyers. 




Who knew that textured fabrics in the form of cushions, rugs and throws could make such a huge difference in creating an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort within your home. Not to forget, statement artwork and furnishing can lift any room from drab to chic. The positive is, you don’t often have to look far to find a few statement pieces for a room – think Marketplace, Gumtree, op-shops, you will be amazed by what you can find if you spend a little time. 




While the backyard may seem like a herculean task to begin with, once you get started you might be surprised at how therapeutic it is pottering away among the flower beds. Add value back to your outdoor areas by pruning back those old rose bushes, using weed killer to tackle those persistent creepers seeping through the pavement, and fill in the holes your dog has a habit of digging up. 



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