Should I invest in marketing for my property?

Marketing is a core function of any endeavor seeking to result in profit. It’s a simple term, but a complex practice. It is informed by truth such as trends, data and valuation – and it uses those truths to drive transactions.

When you’re selling property, marketing is the difference between waiting and winning. It’s opening the door for your potential buyer and showing them all those truths that will close the deal.

What you’re selling people on is more than a place – it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a future. These are the “why” of any location. How do those truths about the property and location relate to the potential buyer’s life?

Preparation = Presentation

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at” – Leo Burnett

An important step to marketing your property is making it look inviting, liveable, and modern. For some, this might mean a new paint job or a landscaping project. For others, it’s the interiors that require attention.

The most basic step is a deep clean of every surface and object. Make it sparkle! This is a time where you have one chance for your property to make a good impression.

Beyond cleaning and making sure everything is free of clutter and presentable, a popular option for increasing a property’s attractiveness is styling.

Using a partner such as our preferred firm, Twostyle, allows your property to exhibit its full potential. No one knows how to create an amazing environment like interior designers and stylists.

A must-have for property photography and a benefit for the sales process, professional styling is an incredible investment for marketing your property.

A comprehensive approach

Once your property is prepared for marketing, a wide range of marketing options are available to you. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Your place is in great shape – get that styling done so that the value of your photos is maximised.
  • Get the most out of your photos by having a pro take them
  • With amazing photos, you’re ready to post to any platform you’ve identified as appropriate.
  • When you post, focus on the people – how your property benefits them, how your area provides a great lifestyle.
  • A copywriter will help craft words that sell
  • As per the above, people love:
  • Dining, shopping
  • Accessibility to public transport
  • Nature e.g. parks, beaches and
  • If they’re parents or planning on it – schools
  • Unique points of difference e.g. sculpture park, famous local shop, dog park, etc.
  • Add social sharing to your pages on the platforms you’ve chosen. This allows people to share your listing with all their friends and followers.
  • Be accessible – people will want and need to contact you.

It’s always worth it to work with a trusted agent to help market and sell your property. Melcorp has expert stylists, in-house marketing professionals, writers, and a network of printers and media contacts to maximize marketing efforts – and get the best return for your property.

Do you need help to rent out an apartment or selling your property? Contact Melcorp real estate today – our personalized, specialist approach will help you achieve your goals while saving you time, money, and effort.

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