Qualities of a Good Property Manager

Having an investment property is one of the surest ways to create and grow wealth in Australia. At Melcorp Real Estate, we understand how valuable your investment is. Therefore, letting someone else take over the management of your property can be daunting – that’s why we’ve broken down the best qualities a property manager should possess to ensure you and your property are cared for long term.



Understanding a Landlords and Renters’ needs

A property manager should have an expert understanding of the relevant state laws to ensure they can best protect both landlords and tenants. They should also act with diligence and precaution when undertaking daily activities. For example, a property manager should know that having a good tenant can make all the difference, and therefore be well versed in screening potential tenants since a client’s rental income is of utmost importance.



Local Market Knowledge

Having knowledge of the local market is a skill all property managers should have. Property managers who have a mindset dedicated to the local market can make appropriate decisions for their clients (e.g. they may need to decide if rent needs to be adjusted to a higher/lower rate).  

Melcorp Real Estate’s property managers understand the Melbourne property market inside out. What began as a small team of Property Managers with a vision of supporting the unique demands of the Melbourne CBD market, has now grown into a well-resourced, thriving real estate business that can best understand your inner-city needs.



Good Communication 

Property managers are highly experienced when dealing with diverse clientele, from tenants to landlords and contractors. A property manager should not only exude confidence but display professional and timely communication, whether that be answering your phone calls or responding to emails within 24 hours. 

At Melcorp Real Estate, you can be assured that the team has experience communicating with culturally diverse clients within and around Melbourne. Our multilingual team speaks your language and is ready to assist with all your property needs.



Problem Solver

Quick-witted and a desire to solve those hard-hitting issues that may arise are traits all property managers should possess. When things go wrong (e.g. rent is not paid on time, tradespeople show up on the wrong days), the property manager should be your most reliable contact – someone that doesn’t run away from a challenge but strives to solve it.


Interested to learn more about our experienced team of property managers? Click here to explore how Melcorp Real Estate can assist with your property needs today.




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