Our top 5 tips for moving house

Whether you’ve just sold or leased out your home, you may be dreading the next stage of moving out: sorting through years of accumulated bric-à-brac, the endless packing, dealing with screaming children who refuse to donate their unused toys… But the excitement about moving into your new home shouldn’t be overshadowed by the hassle of hounding relatives for spare cardboard boxes or the added stress of booking a removalist van.

That’s why we want to share with you five tips for moving out of home with ease.   

  • Disassemble your flat-pack furniture. It may seem like a challenge at first, but pulling apart the bookshelf, IKEA couch, or the baby’s cot, will help when stacking them in the rental van or the boot of your car.
  • Ensure you have enough boxes before the big move. Bunnings Warehouse is great for sourcing used cardboard boxes for free. Alternatively, you can purchase cheap recycled boxes and hessian bags on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. But if you want to save on packing supplies, why not use suitcases or large travel bags that you already own?
  • Be clear about what needs to be moved and what doesn’t. Plan ahead by undertaking a Spring clean. Declutter your wardrobe and storage shed by determining what items should be sold online, distributed to op shops, or passed down on to friends and family. 
  • Packing tools are essential. Make sure you have enough packing tape, preferably with a dispenser, a Stanley knife, Sharpie, scissors, and if necessary, paper to make labels. A handy tip is to give each box a rating out of 3 stars – 3 being the highest priority to be unpacked, 1 star for the lowest.
  • Don’t spend money on hoards of bubble wrap. Instead of purchasing bubble wrap, use towels and old clothes to line boxes or delicate items. Try rolling up valuable jewellery in a bath towel to prevent them from getting tangled.

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