Ash Rahman

Property Manager

Department: Property Management

Office: Melcorp Head Office

With six years of industry experience, Ash brings a wealth of expertise to the team. As part of the Property Management team, Ash oversees a multitude of responsibilities, ensuring properties are well-maintained, compliant with regulations, and financially optimised. His tasks range from finding and screening renters to coordinating repairs, all while staying on top of market trends to provide owners with strategic recommendations.

Over the years, he has received several awards in real estate for his testament to dedication and hard work in delivering top-notch service to clients and renters.

Prior to joining real estate, Ash was an electrical engineer and software developer. His technical background has proved invaluable, allowing him to merge his problem-solving skills with his passion for property management.

Additionally, Ash is multilingual, fluent in English, Bengali, and Hindi, and possesses reading and writing proficiency in Arabic. He is not only a proficient Property Manager but also a creative enthusiast, bringing a unique blend of technical expertise and people skills to their role.

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