Love Where You Live: Styling guide for those renting out an apartment

Just because you are a renter does not mean you should not love where you live!

This is particularly true if you are committed to a long-term lease.

Since you don’t have the right to tear up carpets, take down walls, or add a room, you’ll have to be creative to make the room work for you.

Recent changes to Victorian rental laws have allowed greater flexibility for tenants looking to make changes to a property they are living in.

However, any major changes will more than likely need landlord approval.

As a leading Melbourne rental real estate agency, Melcorp Real Estate has worked with countless tenants to help them feel at home where they are living, so here are our top styling tips for renters.

Keep Colours Neutral

Maintain a straightforward approach. The most important guideline is to leave the primary color palette neutral. Stick to a uniform neutral such as white, black, or natural wood when selecting the key items for your house, such as a dining table, bed, dresser, or TV unit.

Decorate Your Walls

Most of the time, you would be in a place with little or no wall hooks. When it comes to incorporating individuality into your home by wall art and picture frames, this isn’t perfect. The new laws mean adding hooks and wall mounts is fair game for tenants, but be careful when installing these.


You will regulate the atmosphere and amount of light by using a mix of lamps, candles, lanterns, and fairy lights, not to mention how delicious your space can smell if you use scented candles. Fill glass jars with fairy lights that are battery-powered to add a magical touch!

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