Exploring North Melbourne

On the hunt to find new local cafés and restaurants or simply like to try new places to experience. North Melbourne has several vibrant and urban cafes, with cultural restaurants with enticing menus.

Top North Melbourne Cafes

If you’re a coffee or pasty lover, we have you covered. Experience the aroma of roasted coffee and the warmth of carbs.

Bread ClubNamed in the top five best hot cross buns from Melbourne bakeries 2022 by Good Food: Located at 558 Queensberry St from Fruit Danishes, Croissants, a variety of sourdough loaves, and other delicious bread essentials. The Bread Club has it all for your pastry cravings with the caffeine hit.

Baguette Studios – In need of a new local that has the typical pastry items and a little more depending on what you’re feeling? Baguette Studios has it covered. Croissants, dessert baguettes, burgers, and sandwiches. Dine in or take away and enjoy the variety of delicious pastry items and coffee.

Top North Melbourne Restaurants

Indulge in the wine and dine atmosphere on the North side. With so much culture and flavour there’s so much to try!

Sosta Cucina – If you love Italian flavour and elegance, Sosta Cucina is next on your list to try! Whether you’re a North Melbourne local or in need of a different postcode and atmosphere. With over 200 5-star reviews this Italian restaurant menu and wine list will take you to the heart of Italy for the evening

Agraba – Want to escape to the Middle East and be surrounded by the aroma and spices? Grab your magic carpet and transcend to Agraba for a feast. Agraba may be a humble local of North Melbourne, but its flavours and spices speak volumes.

There are many reasons to explore the food and coffee in North Melbourne. Dine in or grab take out, dine at home or a park, and create a fun and casual picnic. We hope you have fun exploring the unique and fun areas of North Melbourne.

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