Do you ever wonder how to make your home feel bigger without having to spend a fortune? Whether you live in an inner-city apartment, studio, or share house with mates, at Melcorp Real Estate we want to help you find comfort in the place you call home. That’s why we’ve put together our top five tips for making your apartment feel more spacious on a budget. 

Tip 1

Use lighter paint colours

Painting the ceiling and walls a bright neutral colour will reflect natural light and automatically make any room feel bigger. We suggest sticking to a neutral palette throughout the home, but if you are wanting to change it up a little, paint the skirting and any windows and door trimmings one shade lighter than the rest of the room. In fact, painting the ceiling a shade lighter will create an elevation effect.

Tip 2

Use mirrors

As mirrors can bounce light around a room, placing them throughout the house, particularly in the living, bedroom, and dining areas will immediately give the illusion of more space. When you are unsure of what to hang on a blank wall, mirrors are also a great feature item. You can find them on the cheap in op-shops across Melbourne.

Tip 3

Buy furniture that is raised off the floor

Opt for furniture that is raised off the ground. Think elevated couches, standing coffee tables, and floating shelves instead of bookcases. When people see more of the floor, this automatically makes you think that the room is bigger – the best kind of optical illusion.  

When buying furniture, whether new or second-hand, look for pieces that can be used for a multitude of purposes. An ottoman can be used as a coffee table as well as a footrest and a bed with storage units can reduce bedroom clutter.  

Tip 4

Don’t ignore your outdoor space

Don’t forget about your balcony or courtyard space. Think about removing bulky items, clutter, debris, or creeping plants that no longer serve a purpose. Opt for a small wrought iron chair and table set, not only is wrought iron easy to maintain but it’s also not as intrusive as larger furniture settings.

Tip 5

Minimalist décor

In a larger home, you may have the freedom to be more selective with your décor and furnishings. However, in a smaller space, you have to be careful in choosing the right items that will not clutter or collect dust over time. Select only a few personal items that you cherish to place in the main sitting area and focus on a lighter palette for fabrics, throws, cushions, and rugs.

If you’re looking to buy or rent an apartment, Melcorp Real Estate have a premium collection of inner city and CBD stock.

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