Summer design trends for your rental property

In a competitive market it’s essential to create the perfect look and make your property stand out. When it comes to designing your space, it can be daunting not knowing where to start! Melcorp Real Estate have some expert tips and recommendations on design trends to help you style your property this summer. 

Keep it simple and clean

This is a good way to begin the journey of designing any space. Remove any clutter amd be smart with storage if you have limited storage space. There are many ways to be smart with storage. You can use baskets, stacking shelves, beds and couches with storage underneath – simple as that! 

Bring the outdoors indoor 

Indoor plants bring a calming element to any space. A home is important, it’s where you live. So, make it your own sanctuary that can restore and relax you. If you have an empty corner or extra room in the living area or study, use a large plant to fill the space and add life to the environment while adding a pop of colour. 

Bold patterns are trending this summer

Think boldly, and consider options like a two-tone geometric rug or a large print to hang on the wall. Opt for pillow cushions with bold prints and colours – these will be sure to make a statement. Remember while adding bold patterns to keep it elegant. Don’t overdo it. Less is best! 

Get artsy

A picture can tell a thousand words. Find your inner artist and experiment with different styles and sizes. Different pieces of art can set the tone in any room, try bold colours and shapes, iconic landmarks, animals, historic people and places. Create a conversation starter at your next dinner party with new art.

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