Post-Pandemic Crash? No Chance! Why Prices Are Surging Post COVID19

Remember those long-held predictions about a post-pandemic property crash?

Well, there’s not much chance of that happening!

You might be wondering how is this possible? If the COVID19 pandemic was so tough on us economically, how is it that prices can be surging so strongly?

It is as simple as supply and demand.

As one of Melbourne’s best real estate agencies, Melcorp Real Estate has been in the thick of the action in recent weeks, and one thing is clear: there are more buyers than there are properties for sale.

The result? Fiercely competitive auctions and soaring prices as bidders go the extra mile to secure the property they want.

Many sellers have profited well above their reserve rates, a pattern that appears to be continuing week after week.

The overwhelming feeling among auctioneers, agents, and sellers has been that they were determined to take their properties through to auction day rather than selling them before.         

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Melbourne or a house in the suburbs, the reality is that you are sure to face fierce competition.

For many, apartments – either as a property investment or as a home – offer a great opportunity to break into the property market.

As one of the leading residential real estate service agencies, Melcorp Real Estate has an extensive range of listings on offer.

If you are a purchaser looking to break into the market, get in touch with us today and our friendly staff will be able to show you what’s on offer in the booming Melbourne property market.

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