Covid-19 Update

Leasing Properties

Answering your questions about leasing during current COVID-19 Restrictions

  1. Can I inspect a property?
  2. Yes, Melcorp can now resume providing in-person, appointment only inspections for prospective tenants.

    What you need to know if you wish to view one of our listed properties:

    • Private pre-arranged inspections are now permitted, limited to 15 minutes. Please note, open for inspections are not permitted.
    • Inspections are permitted for one agent and one prospective tenant, who may be accompanied by an existing household member, intimate partner or a dependent(s).
    • You can travel further than five kilometres from your home for a maximum of two hours to inspect a property.
    • If the property is currently occupied, the resident must not be present during the duration of the inspection.
    • Unfortunately, residents from regional Victoria will not be allowed to travel to Metropolitan Melbourne for an Inspection.

    Our agents will ensure a safe as possible property inspection experience for all prospective tenants. All social distancing, face covering, and hygiene protocols will be adhered to. Contact Melcorp Real Estate to book an in-person inspection if you are interested in viewing any of our available listings.

  3. Can I move into a new property during lockdown?
  4. Due to recent amendments within the current leasing requirements, once your application has been approved, you are now able to move into your rental property during the current restrictions. You must stay safe and practice social distancing and wear a face covering at all times.
  5. How do I sign the paperwork?
  6. To minimise risk and maintain COVID-Safe business practices, Melcorp have the capabilities to do this electronically with digital lease agreements. Simply sign and email it back to your agent.
  7. How do I get the keys to my new property?
  8. Contact your Property Manager and we will arrange safe, contact free transfer of keys.

Updated: 09/10/2020