Best New Restaurant and Cafe Openings in Melbourne’s CBD

Known for its thriving café culture, the City of Melbourne continues to attract people from afar to come and enjoy some serious cuisine and coffee. We’ve got the lowdown on what new restaurants and bars have opened in the CBD this year. Check out the list for a look at the tastiest dishes, scrumptious desserts, and boozy cocktails that have recently called Melbourne’s hip laneways and high rises home. 


477 Collins St, Melbourne

A Nordic Approach to Australian Dining. Mixing classic techniques with new culinary philosophies, Freyja offers patrons a multi-sensory dining experience featuring adventurous and classic Scandinavian dishes and hospitality traditions. Head down to Freyja if you are eager for a diverse culinary experience that will have your taste buds tingling for more.

Sulbing Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central, Cnr La Trobe & Swanston Streets, Melbourne

Recently opened in June, Sulbing Korean dessert café has already garnered a cult following. For customers who want a quick takeaway, Sulbing is the place to try. They aimed to create a comfortable space where people could enjoy healthy Korean desserts that mixed tradition with modernity. Celebrated for its Bingsu – a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings – Sulbing is a dessert-lovers hotspot located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.


35 Collins Street, Melbourne

Oozing sophistication and grandeur, Dame is Melbourne’s hottest eatery for those wanting to dine amongst luxe and beauty. Adorned with shades of blush pink and high-end furnishings, Dame brings elegance, French femininity, and class to Collins Street. “But don’t be fooled by her style, she has substance too,” Dame’s website reads. Featuring a menu of breakfast and lunch dishes – think grazing plates, breakfast cocktails, baked goodies, and so much more. Launching at the beginning of 2022, Dame continues to welcome customers into her opulent lounge. Open from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, Dame is the perfect hotspot to try today – for a coffee stop or lunch break.


Level 3, 270 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Located on the third floor of Pacific House, this lively and theatrical restaurant goes on the list as one of Melbourne’s very best Thai eateries. The menu features various dishes from several regions of Thailand with a strong focus on barbeque. After your meal, head upstairs to Her Rooftop, the building’s open-layout bar that hosts gorgeous city views for you to enjoy a few relaxing cocktails.


317 Swanston St, Melbourne

A two-minute walk from the State Library of Victoria, Hikari is Melbourne’s newest Japanese coffee and homewares shop. Hikari meaning “light” in Japanese, is a minimalist café and the perfect stop before heading to work to enjoy matcha latte or Mork cake. Their matcha and hojicha (roasted green tea) come from small local farms in Kyoto, Japan, and are later hand-whisked before carefully being prepared into every cup at Hikari. Certainly, Hikari is a tranquil dining and shopping experience that should be at the top of your list. 


104 Queen Street, Melbourne

Located on the corner of iconic Collins and Queen Streets, Rustica offers a distinctive and innovative menu that includes six different blends of coffee which rotate monthly, and a large selection of pastries. This sourdough empire is already well known across the city with five additional bakeries and cafes feeding Melburnians with the best breakfast and brunch delights. Try a mouth-watering Porterhouse Steak Sandwich, a classic Avo on Toast, or if you are desiring something sweet, you can’t go wrong with their Iced Vovo donuts. 

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